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Our Founder

Latoya A. Delmadge, LCSW

Author • Speaker • Clinical Therapist

"Latoya has united her background in psychology with her deep faith and biblical background to guide the reader through a journey to realign our thoughts to God's perfect blueprint of principles and purpose for our lives."


Rev. Sharon Frank's

review of 31 Days of Mindful Proverbs

Latoya is available for:



-Women's Conferences 

-Women's Retreats 

Book Signings



Meditation workshops 

- Family groups 


-Mental health 


-Individual therapy 

-Couple's therapy 

-Family therapy


-Clinical Supervision 

Also Available for Virtual Events

Books by Latoya A. Delmadge, LCSW

31 Days of Mindful Proverbs

What do you think of when you hear the term “mindfulness”? You may associate it with meditation or simply being aware of what you are thinking about. While that’s part of what mindfulness is, it isn’t all of what truly being mindful entails.


What if, instead of merely realizing what you are thinking about, you could use mindfulness to change what you think about? What if you could use mindfulness with God’s Word to help you think about what you’re thinking about to alter your behaviors and be more like Christ?

We have the power to change our life through our thought patterns, which will ultimately help lead us to a more fulfilled life rooted in God’s Word. Join author Latoya A. Delmadge as she guides you through 31 readings centered on mindfulness, how it intersects with your walk with Christ, and how it will help you lead a successful and fruitful life.

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