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Meet the Team

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Latoya A. Delmadge, LCSW-R is a licensed clinical therapist, author of 31 Days of Mindful Proverbs, and business owner of Mindful Proverbs Consultation. She has her bachelor's degree in Health Promotion from Liberty University, master's degree in Social Work from Touro College, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Community Care and Counseling at Liberty University. Her vision for Mindful Proverbs Consultation is a true reflection of her own journey of self-awareness, spiritual growth, change, and transformation. Latoya walks with her clients through the journey of processing past trauma and moving to a space of embracing new and healthy narratives according to Biblical truths.


Latoya is also trained in mindfulness practice from Harvard University and trauma-focused therapy. She offers counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups and is also available for speaking engagements, workshops, and clinical supervision. Some of the events she has done include women's empowerment events, mental health seminars and workshops, couples workshops and marriage seminars, and facilitating teens and young adult mental health programs. 

Latoya engages in facilitating change processes, not only on an individual and familial level but also administratively, within organizations and communities; building programs and services that target epidemics and offer opportunities and resources for marginalized groups. 

Latoya offers internship opportunities for aspiring social workers as well as clinical supervision for MSWs and MHCs who are seeking further licensing credentials.

Dr. Edward J. Williams has been a licensed social worker for about thirty years. His clinical training combined with his administrative insight has afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant minds in the field contributing to the ongoing conversation of mental health, social justice, health care disparity, and spirituality.


An ordained clergy who serves as a Bishop and Pastor, Dr. Williams has conducted seminars around the country on mental health and ministry. He obtained a Bachelor's in Theology from Berean Bible College and completed his clinical training at Yeshiva University. He also is trained in Clinical Pastoral Education and obtained his Doctorate in Ministry from United Theological Seminary.

He has also conducted seminars around the country where the focus has been on the demystification and discovery of mental illness, normalizing the abnormalities of the human emotional mind, diagnosis and treatment trends, theological framework for intervening with persons with mental illness among the church pew, and generating conversation on developing “shalom” in the community through networking and property development initiatives. Dr. Williams has worked with leaders facilitating their goals of wellness of self in their context. He is aware of dynamics associated with ministry and the individual serving and therefore he is engaged with men and women of leadership assisting them thrive in their vocation.

As part of the Mindful Proverbs team, Dr. Williams offers his psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, families, and leaders in the profession and religious community.

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