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We specialize in
Christian counseling
with a focus on 
mindfulness practices.

About Mindful Proverbs Consulting

Mindful Proverbs Consulting is a Christian counseling practice based in the New York metropolitan area and serving the Tri-State area as well as virtual clients. Founded in 2018 by licensed therapist and author Latoya Delmadge, Mindful Proverbs Consulting combines clinical specialization with spiritual mindfulness based on biblical principles. Through the practice of mindfulness, individuals become more aware of themselves and their thoughts. This awareness leads to productive changes in behavioral patterns, yielding more beneficial results and life success.


Our qualified therapists are available for consultations–including individual, couples, and group therapy–as well as seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and book signings.

Begin Your Spiritual
Mindfulness Journey Now!


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31 Days of Mindful Proverbs challenges readers to become aware of their thoughts and find inner peace by utilizing the Word of God for hope, guidance and assurance. Readers will begin to align their thoughts and lives with God's word, resulting in a renewal of the mind and a transformed life.   

"This book and the author..left me thirsty to read chapter after chapter."
-Monifa B.
"I highly recommend this book for those of us who are looking to have a more obedient closer walk with God." 
-Louis P
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Based in New York Metropolitan Area

Serving the Tri-State Area

Available to Travel

Disclaimer**Please be aware that communication via email and over the internet are not secure and privacy cannot be guaranteed. There are confidentiality risks when communicating via email. There are safeguards in place to protect your privacy. However, if you have any concerns regarding the breaching of privacy and confidentiality, please do not communicate with me via email or any electronic communication. Willful submission of electronic documents and communication via email implies full acceptance of this risk and acknowledgement of informed consent. 

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